Turn Heads on the Road

Rely on us for accent lighting installations

Want your car to really stand out on the highway? Elite Customs of Lubbock can install accent lighting inside and outside your car. You can choose to get colored lights lining your undercarriage or spruce up the interior with lights in the ceiling. Interior lighting takes about half a day to install while exterior lighting takes about a day and a half.

Schedule an accent lighting installation today.

Decide on how you want your lights to look

We offer every color of the rainbow. Whether you want a sleek, cool purple or a bright, sunny yellow, we'll make it happen. You can even get color-changing lights and lights that flash on and off to the beat of your stereo.

Do you want grill lights? We can put lights inside the grill of your car. This involves removing the front of your car to get the wires properly installed. You can rest assured that everything will be properly reattached and fastened once we're done.

Illuminate your driving experience now. Get started on your accent light installation.